We are blessed to have wonderful leaders of our schools who are not only people of character, but also have a deep love for students and a desire to impact their lives for eternity. Just read below to learn a little more about each of our administrators and how their roles influence Real Life Christian Schools.

  • Jason Yarbrough, RLCS Superintendent

    Pastor Jason has a long history in education, including serving as a teacher and principal for over almost two decades. He oversees the RLCS network which he founded in 2009, and works closely with school administration to insure that our guiding philosophy of individualization and mastery learning remains intact. You can read more in his book, Building Strong Foundations.

    Pastor Jason received his Masters Degree in School Administration from Louisiana Baptist University and is currently earning an additional Masters Degree in Organization Leadership from William Jessup University.

  • Shawn Fortney, FCS Principal

    Mr. Fortney joined the staff of FCS in 2014 as our Bible & History teacher, but Shawn's love for students and entrepreneurial spirit soon propelled him into administration as well. He now leads the FCS campus as principal, and is well-loved by both staff and students alike.

    Shawn has a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Sacramento State University, is credentialed by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools, and is also pursuing a ministerial credential.

  • Kelvin Jackson, NCS Principal

    Mr. Jackson was part of the initial committee who determined the need for a Christian school in Natomas, so it only seemed logical, with his history in education, to make him part of our school staff. In early 2015, the school board extended the invitation to become the first principal of NCS and we're glad to say he accepted!

    Kelvin has a Bachelor's degree - info here.